Adaline is June 2014 filly and is a registered APHA horse. Adaline arrived at HHR in Sept. 2015 wtih her mother Luna. Adalaine had never been handled by people so she had a lot to learn about ground work etc. Adalaine has recently been adopted by Marvin & Lynn who live in South Austin! 

Luna is 1996 mare and is a registered APHA horse. Luna arrived in Sept. of 2015. We took in two of her babies (Adaline, and Hotorod) and she was in foal when we took her in. She gave birth to a beautiful colt in Feb. of 2016 then sadly had to be put down due to her extensive health issues from her previous life. 


Rowdy was a valuable lesson horse at HHR for a few years when we discovered some serious bone soundness issues. We decided to retire Rowdy early at 11 and she now lives in Driftwood, Texas with another horse, 3 mini donkeys, and a mini horse. 


Hotrod is a 7 year APHA solid bred gelding. When Hotrod came to us he was very nervous and anxious. He did not like to be approached by people and was very jumpy and reactive to everything around him. Hotrod finished his training at HHR and was adopted by one of our volunteers. Hotrod still lives at HHR and his new family takes lessons, and comes to work with him often!